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"It is quite literally restorative to step inside the fine-art framing and restoration studios of G.A. Tremain! Leave the whiplash cadence of our guard-rail to guard-rail lives at the curb, and treat your artwork or photos to the time honored craftsmanship and good taste of a generation's family-owned shop. Let the warm unpretentious , talented proprietors confidentially guide you in selecting from an endless array of frames and are in good hands!! I guarantee, anyone will be completely delighted by the entire experience of G.A. Tremain!"

Katie Cassou

“As the Chicago Loop's oldest and most experienced picture framing shop, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of the craft. One of the most important things we have learned, over the years, is that you need to stay in your own lane. While many framers try to do restoration work without much formal training, it is a very risky thing to do and you may incur a substantial liability trying to do many of those things on your own. When we need someone to clean or repair an antique canvas or restore / replace missing elements and finishes from antique frames, we turn to an expert:  Steve Citron of TremainART. I live in the same town that houses Steve's business and had some work done by his late father-in-law and partner, Marty Katz. He cleaned and restored two late 19th century paintings that my wife had inherited and did a superb job. Steve learned from the best and carries on a fine tradition that cannot be mass produced. Since that time, we have brought Steve work like this and referred others to him, all with excellent results. We believe that TremainART is among the finest shops of this kind on the North Shore and recommend them very highly."

Brian D. Flax, CPF


Flax Art & Frame Inc.

“I can’t say enough about the quality work that these restoration experts provide. We had an oil painting that had been handed down through the generations. It was tattered, torn and faded. In a matter of weeks they returned it to its original beauty. And they did it at a reasonable price. Outstanding people to work with as well. I’d recommend them over and over again.”

Eileen and Brent Kugman